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Concerti with Orchestra

Once Upon a Castle
Symphonie Concertante for organ and orchestra (2015)

Tales of Hemingway
for cello and orchestra (2015)

for solo percussion and orchestra (2014)

for solo violin and string orchestra (2013)

Reflections on the Mississippi
for tuba and orchestra (2013)

Passage to Petra
for solo bassoon, strings and percussion (2011)

Trail of Tears
for flute and orchestra (2010)

Gee’s Bend
for electric guitar and orchestra (2009)

Deus ex Machina
for piano and orchestra (2007)

Bay of Pigs
for classical guitar and string orchestra (2006)

Above Clouds
from Ghost Ranch (2005)

for flute, alto flute and orchestra from Tell My Fortune (2004)

Fire and Blood
for violin and orchestra (2003)

Raise the Roof
for timpani and orchestra (2003)

Tell-Tale Harp
from Philadelphia Stories (2001)

Rosa Parks Boulevard
for 3 trombones and orchestra from Motor City Triptych (2001)

for solo percussion and orchestra (1999)

Hell’s Angels
for 4 bassoons and orchestra (1999)

Spaghetti Western
for English horn and orchestra (1998)

Le Tombeau de Liberace
for piano and orchestra (1996)

for two flutes and orchestra from Metropolis Symphony (1988)